Doubling Cube Rules

In backgammon, doubling tends to be one of the lesser understood areas and possibly one of the most complex regions.

When playing a game of backgammon, each new game begins with a stake of 1 point. Either of the players who are leading at any point throughout the game may suggest doubling the stakes by switching the doubling cube to the next suitable value. As a way of recording progressive doubles and redoubles, all sides of the doubling cube display the following numbers, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64.

This doubling cube will start off displaying the number 64 and it will remain between both of the players. The reason it starts on 64 is because this cube doesn’t have a number 1 and so it acts as a 1 for the start of play. Any player who suggests doubling the stakes needs to turn the cube so that it displays the number 2, and then eventually 4, and so on.

The option of being able to double will become available when it is your turn, providing you have not already rolled the dice. If you have been offered a chance to double, you can quite easily say no. If you did concede, you would give away 1 point.

Alternatively, accepting the double means that you can continue playing but for a higher stake. The player who decided to accept the double can now move the cube to his side of the board and will therefore become the new owner. The new value must be on display and only this player will be able to make the next double.

Any additional doubles which take place in the same game are referred to as ‘redoubles’ A player will be forced to pay the amount of points which were at stake before the redouble if he decides not to accept the redouble. If he accepts, the game can carry on at double the previous stake and he will now be the new owner of the cube. The amount of times that a double can be offered in any game is basically unlimited.

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